Monday, June 2, 2008

Made of Honor

I was checking out movie trailers on Apple's website when I ran across this. I haven't heard about this movie before and from the trailer, the plot is pretty predictable. The funny part is that one of my co-workers actually asked me to be her bridesmaid at her wedding in August. She is originally from Korea and she said that they don't have groomsmen and bridesmaids in Korean weddings. Since I'm one of her best friends and her sisters are not going to be able to make it to the wedding (they're both in Korea), she wanted me to be in the wedding party. I kindly declined... I said that I can be an usher, walk her mom during the wedding, and say a toast at the reception but I'm not going to stand next to her in a dress. :)

Slightly off-topic but I saw trailers for both Star Trek and Star Wars. This should be good: Star Trek without William Shatner and Star Wars without any actors at all (animated).

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