Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Broadband" Internet Connection

Something happened to my Internet connection at home this morning. I'm supposed to have ~10Mbps cable modem access and I've run network speed tests in the past that shows >9Mbps. However, my connection has slowed to a crawl and even drops out occasionally. It feels like I've been transported back to the days of the 56k modem, waiting hours to download anything.

I thought it was the new computer and Windows Vista but I brought it to work this afternoon and it connected fine; I'm not sure what type of Internet connection we have at work but it's off the chart on every speed test I tried. I'm even having problems connecting to the work VPN from home. It looks like I may have to update some slides for tomorrow which means I have to drive into work again, third time this weekend. I don't really mind but when I go in, I hear the air conditioning kick in on my floor. I hope it doesn't end up cooling the entire floor or building just for me.

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