Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm in Boston attending the 2008 Tech Connect Summit for PMI. The conference is being held at Boston in the Hynes Convention Center. This is the third time I've been to Boston; coincidentally, last time we stayed at the Fairmont hotel right down the street. The convention center and hotel (Boston Sheraton) is located right next to the Prudential Center. Maybe I'm getting used to Asian hotels so I expected free Internet and free breakfast in the morning. No such luck... I'm paying additional $10/day for the Internet and they pointed me to Starbucks for breakfast. At least the room doesn't smell like cigarette smoke.

The Blue Line train at Airport Station. This station was fairly new but the trains were all old looking. As we got closer to downtown Boston, the stations got crappier.

Conference banner. I didn't get to see any of the Nanotech stuff since I was mostly interested in CleanTech.

Hotel room. I was on the corner of the 19th floor so there were windows all around.

View north towards the Charles River and Cambridge.

I'm also having no luck with traveling. My left foot/ankle is still messed up and the 5 hour red-eye flight made it swell up again. I arrived in Boston Tuesday morning and took the T (Boston's subway) to the hotel. Since it was rush hour, I was crammed into the subway car and almost missed my stop. I got to the hotel at 8:30am but I couldn't check in until 3pm so I went to the conference in my travel clothes: jeans and sandals. Most of the people were dressed up in suits so I felt pretty out of place. Finally, I ate dinner at the food court in the Prudential Center and got sick. Wait, am I back in China?

Back to the conference. The main reason why I'm here is to make a presentation to VCs and other investors about PMI. My 10 minute slot is today at ~6pm so I spent all night/this morning reorganizing our existing PPT slides. I'm a bit worried since people were asking very technical questions during yesterday's company presentations. I'm not sure if "Uh, I dunno... I'm just the finance guy" answer will be enough.


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Anonymous said...

wow, this is real targeted marketing. i'm surprised a lawyer from Ben&Jerry's hasn't slapped with a cease&desist order yet.