Sunday, June 1, 2008

DIY Air Conditioning

One problem (there are lots) with my apartment is that the only A/C unit is outside in the living room. Since I'm on the top floor, whenever it's warm and sunny out, the apartment gets really hot and there's no way to cool down the bedroom. It's really inconvienent since all my computes are in the bedroom. In the past, I just end up going into work for free A/C and drinks.

Anyway, last year, right at the end of summer, I bought a long dryer vent hose at Home Depot to try and redirect the cold air into my bedroom. Since it cooled down right after I bought it, I never tried to hook it up. Well, it got pretty hot today so I found the hose along with some masking tape, and ran it to my bedroom. It's working pretty well but makes it hard to sit on the couch.

It was the longest hose I could find. I thought about using PVC pipe but it would be rigid and probably much harder to set up.

At the other end, I have a small fan blowing the cold air into the bedroom. I think I'm losing air at both ends; I need to get some duct tape to make the seals better.

Arg, I just checked the weather in Chengdu and the high today is 96ºF. I'm so glad I'm not there right now; no amount of A/C rigging is going to help with temperatures like that plus 90%+ humidity.

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