Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boston, Going Home via Chicago

Yawn, got up this morning around 3am (Eastern Time Zone) to get ready to go back to Orange County. Since the T doesn’t start operating until 6am, I had to take a taxi to Logan Airport. The taxi was a brand new hybrid Camry and the fare was ~$20. Even at 5am, the airport was already packed full of people. Once again, I’m glad that I have AA elite status which lets me use the business class check-in, the short line at security checkpoints, and board the plane early.

Our plane just (Boeing 757) just arrived at the gate and people are exiting the plane. My flight is supposed to depart in 30 minutes; let’s see if AA can turnaround a plane in such a short time. I’m just glad I’m carrying all my luggage. There are lots of people in line at the gate counter; I hope this doesn’t mean the flight is full. The next flight to Orange County after my flight is in 2 hours. If they offer me money, maybe I’ll take it since this was a “free” ticket anyway.

I need to post this after I get back to the office. All of the 4 airports (SNA, SFO, BOS, ORD) on this trip offers wifi but none for free. I was going to pay $7 for access but decided to read a book instead.

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