Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taiwanese = Chinese

My 2nd greatest pet peeve are people who—when asked if they're Chinese—say, "No, I'm Taiwanese." Unless you're from one of the native aboriginal groups, you're ancestors are probably Han Chinese from Guangdong or Fujian province. It's not the Taiwan part that bothers me (I was born there too), but the "not Chinese" comment.

This doesn't mean I support the One-China policy crap. Why would people choose Communism unless they're the ones in power? I actually think that Taiwan should be an independent country, similar to Singapore, which is ~75% Chinese.

BTW, Chen Shui-bian is an idiot.
President Chen Shui-bian said the re-dedicated monument symbolised "opening the door to democracy".

While a 10m-high (33ft) bronze statue of Chiang remains in place its guard of honour has been removed.

Records of victims and milestones on the road to democracy now ring the statue, along with about 300 kites.

"We have turned a hall that was originally a temple at which to worship an authoritarian dictator into a place for Taiwan people to reflect, study and explore the freedoms of democracy and human rights," Mr Chen told a crowd of invited guests.

That is just so wrong, like renaming CKS airport. CKS was no saint but if the Nationalist government did not retreat to Taiwan after WWII, I have no doubt that Taiwan would be a part of PRC today, and the "Taiwanese" people would have had to live through the Cultural Revolution and all that other crazy Mao sh*t.

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