Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Amazing Race

This used to be one of my favorite shows when I had cable TV. Shirley and I thought about applying to the show. I'm pretty good with maps and directions while she can probably get strangers to help us. Oh well...

I just happened to tune in while flipping channels and the "race" is in Taipei. There are only four teams left and they're supposed to:

- find a tea house and drink a cup of hot tea
- the directions at the bottom of the teacup says to find a clown at a night market
- either light 20 paper hot air balloons or walk up and down a path with sharp rocks barefoot
- go to the pit-stop at CKS Memorial Hall

The team in the lead is a father/daughter couple and they're Chinese! I think that's a huge advantage even though a lot of people in Taipei speak some English. Interestingly, the rock path for the challenge is in Youth Park. When my parents and I went to Taiwan in 2006, we stayed in an apartment across the street from Youth Park. I just heard someone tell one of the teams to take the MRT to Youth Park instead of a taxi since there's traffic. I think that team is screwed since there are no MRT stations close to Youth Park. When we stayed there, we had to take the bus or hail a taxi to get anywhere.

They also still referred to the pit stop location as CKS Memorial Hall instead of the new name, whatever it is. I guess the show was taped last year, before the name change.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the part when the haole couple (now you know who's leaving the comment) thought that Taipei is where Thai people are from... in addition to mispronouncing Taipei as Ta-pie