Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oil Change + Stuff

I brought my 4Runner in for an oil change after nearly 10k miles. Even thought I got there right at 8am, the dealer (South Coast Toyota in Costa Mesa) told me it would be almost three hours. After about an hour, I get the dreaded "uh, there's more stuff to fix" phone call. The big problem is that a seal is busted on the rear axle and oil is leaking on to the rear brakes. Since a different Toyota dealer told me the same thing 10k miles ago, I figure I'd better fix it this time. In addition, the timing belt has never been changed and I don't think I've ever changed the transmission fluid. All together, the $30 oil changed is now a $900 repair. However, I have about 114k miles on the 4Runner and it still drives really well so I want to keep it for another 100k miles.


Final damage = $1,301

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