Saturday, January 26, 2008

American Airlines Screws Up Again

I'm beginning to think that I'm accumulating miles with the wrong airlines. I just got a call that my flight from SNA to SJC has been cancelled. The flight was scheduled to depart at 6:45am which is less than 7 hours from now. They automatically booked me on the next flight departing at 8:20am... the problem is that I'm meeting Leon at 8:30am in San Jose. After speaking to an agent, who was less than helpful, I was transferred to another agent, but ended up booking a seat on a Southwest Airlines flight. I really don't like the Southwest cattle call boarding "system" but at least they have a flight, for now. I was also counting on my AAdvantage Platinum thingy to get me through security faster but now I have to get in the long line with the unwashed masses... :)

I really think that American Airlines cancelled the flight because they did not fill enough seats. The 2nd agent told me that they got a call from a mechanic that there was something wrong with the plane and they could not find a replacement plane. It appears that they were able to move everyone to the later flight since there are still empty seats.

Out of my 5 flights with American Airlines so far:
- one was delayed by ~30 minutes
- one was delayed by ~1.5 hours
- one was delayed by ~3.5 hours
- one was cancelled less than 7 hours before departure

Maybe I should cancel my returning flight from San Jose with AA and come back on Southwest.

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