Saturday, July 17, 2010

SM Town Concert

Hey, yet another K-pop concert! SM Entertainment is probably the biggest entertainment management company in Korea and they manage a lot of artists/groups. The company was founded by Lee Soo-man (SNSD Sunny's uncle) and each year, they hold their own concert. I'm not sure if they've held SM Town outside of Korea before but this year, they're going to be at Staple Center on September 4th.

Promo video... wow, BoA is going to perform.

I've heard of or listen to almost everyone performing. It's supposed to last ~5 hours so each artist/group should have plenty of time... tickets are not too expensive at $40 to $180. It should be a really cool concert but it looks like I may be in China that weekend. :(


It looks like SM Town will be in Shanghai on September 11th. Maybe I can go to the concert in China! However, the last time Super Junior performed in Shanghai, this happened. Maybe there will be less people since this concert won't be free.

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