Sunday, July 25, 2010

K-pop Semi-close Encounter

I visited my old church today since my friend John was the guest speaker. Due to traffic on the 405 and getting lost on a "short-cut" (I ended up on the Vincent Thomas Bridge for some reason), I was a bit late and arrived when the worship started. There are a lot of new people at the church, especially the worship team. There were unfamiliar people all around, including the keyboard player. After service, Elim told me that the keyboard player was Uriah Park, who is the sister of Lena Park. Cool. I saw Lena in concert during the 2009 KMF and knew she also had a concert in June of 2009. I found a video on YouTube and Uriah sang with Lena on stage.

Unexpected Friends - Lena & Uriah Park [20090619]

Wow, such awesome voices. I also found out that CCCSB had special musical guests Friday night and I knew most of them since they're mainly from Newsong Irvine. As expected, the younger kids loved it but the older people thought it was too loud. :)

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