Friday, July 23, 2010

YouTube PM Hoax?

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I'm not sure if anyone even visits this blog. Anyway, I got a personal message after uploading Happy Together episode 152 last night.

We recently noticed that you uploaded a KBS show called Happy Together. This is a violation and this is absolutely contrary to the YouTube community guidelines. Please delete all your videos called 'public bath' or we will ask YouTube to delete your account.


WTF? I'm almost positive that this is fake. If you click on the sender's name, you get an error message that says "This channel is not available." I've gotten many strikes on my accounts from KBSi and they don't send you a warning.

I think this was sent from the same type of people that forward email hoaxes you read about on snopes. I'm not sure what motivates these people; probably their parents didn't love them enough or they were bullies/bullied growing up. I'm just hoping that they're not the snitching type and actually send an email to KBS telling them about my uploads. That would be really weird.

I'd better start another account just in case.

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