Sunday, July 18, 2010


I found a Japanese anime series called Gantz while surfing the web. I've only watch the first episode of Gantz so I'm not sure what's going on yet. I read somewhere that it was similar to Black Lagoon, another anime series that I've downloaded/watched before and really liked.

It was hard to find videos with English subtitles. While searching, I found both French sub/dub and Spanish sub/dub. I think I finally found two uploaders and together I can get both 13 episode seasons (26 episodes total). I like these shorter series; I've also been watching Bleach and Naruto, each with hundreds of episodes.

Most of the videos are on Megaupload. The free account checks your IP address and limits you to one download at a time. I'm using my work VPN to login at two different "locations" with different IP addresses. So along with my regular home connection, I'm downloading using three different computers. I'm still limited by the bandwidth of my cable modem connection though.


Dang it. I spent the entire day watching both 13 episode seasons. It was okay until the last episode... for some reason, I can never understand the endings of Japanese anime. I didn't get Akira (movie) and the worst as Neon Genesis Evangelion. For NGE, they had to release a two part alternate endings since the fans didn't like (or understand) the original. Maybe the producers/writers want to share something philosophical instead of just providing entertainment. I dunno... or else it's something cultural that I don't get.

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