Saturday, July 24, 2010

DEL *.*

I cannot express how much I hate Microsoft OS. Why does it suck so bad? How come they can get away with selling POS OS like Vista and Windows ME?

I've been having constant problems with Vista locking random files on my computer. Today, it wouldn't let me rename a file so I made a copy, thinking that I can rename the copy and delete the old file. Nope. Vista decided to lock both files. Sigh... So I restarted the computer thinking that may unlock the files. Instead, Windows Explorer (not to be confused with Internet Explorer) crashes on bootup. As a last resort, I pulled up a DOS window, typed DIR HAPPY*.* and it displayed exactly one file, which is what I wanted. The filename started with "Happy..." but there were about 10 other files I wanted to keep. Next I typed DEL HAPPY*.* thinking that it would delete just the one file shown in the DIR command but got the locked file error again. Arg! I went back to check the directory in Windows and discovered that the DEL command erased all the other files in the folder!

If I had a hammer handy, I would have smashed my Sony Vaio. Instead, I'm running an undelete program. Of course, it couldn't find anything in the folder so I have to scan the entire 1TB external HDD (estimate: 2 hours). It's nothing crucial since the files deleted were some Korean TV shows (Happy Together) that I recorded over the past several months. I guess I can go back to YouTube and download what I uploaded.

Why can't a modern OS simply delete one file?

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