Thursday, July 22, 2010

Radio Star - Chinese Subtitles

Son Dam Bi and 3 members of After School were guest on Golden Fisheries Radio Star, a Korean talk show where the set looks like a radio studio but since they put in a lot of video CGI, I don't think it's a real radio show. There are 4 MCs and they're known for asking tough/embarrassing questions. I downloaded the entire episode without subtitles and have been searching YouTube to see if anyone uploaded anything with English subs.

I did find Chinese subtitles though. Maybe they're using big words or I just can't read Simplified Chinese but I'm getting only about 1/3 of what they're saying... which is better than my 0.1% understand of Korean. Too bad I can't switch it to Traditional Chinese characters... then I'd get about 50%. :)

Son Dam Bi = 孫丹菲
Kahi = 嘉熙
Jung Ah = 正雅
NaNa = NaNa

I've always wondered if name of the show was just Radio Star or if it did included "Golden Fisheries", whatever that means. The Chinese title has 黃金漁場 which literally means Yellow Gold Fish Market so I guess it does.

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