Thursday, July 8, 2010


I saw a strange looking Mercedes Benz on the way home from work today. It was a black AMG SLS. At first I thought it was a new SL but it was much rounder and lower to the ground; it also had the funky Audi-like LED headlight bar. I couldn't tell it had gullwing doors until I looked it up online.

I didn't have a real camera with me so I had to take the picture with my BlackBerry. The Wiki article said that it's supposed to be available in the US starting mid-2011 so maybe this guy got it from Germany directly?


The Wiki article also says it has a 563hp 6.2L engine. When it drove by, I could have swore I saw a 5.3 badge on the side. Maybe it gets a smaller engine in the US? Normally German cars in the US has larger engines than Europe/Asia.


I just noticed the CHP pulling someone over in the photo. My V-1 (radar detector) was going crazy for about 5 minutes. I guess they drive with their radar guns on which makes it much easier to detect. There were a lot of cars so I don't know if anyone was actually speeding... maybe they got pulled over for something else.

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