Sunday, July 11, 2010

Windows 7 Sucks Too

One of my ex-coworkers quit to go back to school in the Fall. Since she's out of the country right now, she had her new computer for school shipped to my house. I'm helping her to set it up with anti-virus and some other software.

I have it connected to my wireless network at home and I tried to access some shared folders. I have several external HDD attached to my Sony Vaio and my Mac mini. The Windows share seems to work okay but the Mac volume is causing all sorts of problems. I tried to open up an AVI video file and it would crash the Windows Explorer window on the new computer. Even if you try to restart the computer, it would hang on the "Logging off..." message; I've had to do a hard shut down (by holding down the power button) twice already. My mom has been having weird problems on her Dell notebook with Windows 7 as well.

Sigh... so Vista is crap and Windows 7 is not much better. The most stable computer, other than my Mac with Snow Leopard, seems to be my lowly netbook running Windows XP. I think Microsoft tries to put too much crap in their OS, I guess to have more control over the desktop. I think their goal should have been to create the thinnest OS possible and let users add functionality as necessary instead of installing this huge behemoth of an OS which leads to slow performance and all sorts of security issues.

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