Monday, July 26, 2010

Green China

I stayed home from work today since I wasn't feeling too well. However, you still gotta eat so I Google'd around my house for a Chinese restaurant. I was actually looking for a buffet but there wasn't anything close. One click led to another and I found a place called Green China that got decent reviews, even on Yelp.

So at ~1:30pm, I make the 15 minute drive down to Tustin Avenue. There weren't too many customers but I wasn't too worried since it was kind of late for lunch.

I sat next to some ugly Chinesey decorations while I waited for my order.

I guess I should have been warned as I looked through the menu... there was no Chinese writing next to the dishes. Anyway, I ordered two dishes: beef with broccoli and home-style tofu, plus some steamed rice. The total came out to ~$20.

The verdict? Blah. It was pretty lame Americanized Chinese food. The broccoli was overcooked and the beef had way too much tenderizer so it was slightly puffy. The tofu was okay but too sweet. I hope the reviewer who said "The food is authentic and very good" is not a Chinese person because it's far from authentic (while I was waiting, there was a white lady complementing how good the food was). Even our cafeteria has better Chinese food now there's a Chinese cook. I would have given it 2 stars out of 5... edible but not enjoyable. I ate only 1/4 of the food and it will probably get tossed out later; I don't even want to have the lefeovers for dinner. :(

I did notice that the food tastes a lot like another place right near our house called Chen Panda. Likewise, it got good reviews but I didn't like the flavor either. Is there a common recipe when cooking "Chinese" food for white people? Do Americans not like authentic tasting/home style Chinese food? I remember Rowland Heights had a food court where you can get three dishes for $10 and they were good! You write what you wanted on a notepad and they cooked it to order. I never did see any non-Chinese people there though...

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