Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dangers of Free Stuff in China

The Standard
More than 100 people were injured when the more than 2,000 mostly teenagers, who had been queuing for free tickets to a classical and pop concert, stormed the South Korean Pavilion.

The show, scheduled for 7pm at the Expo Cultural and Performing Arts Center, featured several top Korean pop stars, including boy band Super Junior.

Videos released by mainland media showed two layers of railings being torn down as a large group of people rushed toward the center. There were also rumors of a girl dying after she fell from a height.

However, a spokesman for the expo insisted no one died. He also played down the chaos.

Photos... looks pretty chaotic to me.


Anonymous said...

wow, your posts are starting to converge. you never thought you would see goose-stepping communist authority trying to control a k-pop mob.

hogsman said...

hahaha - nice comment!