Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Instant Replay

I've mostly stopped watching World Cup games. I'm probably more of a fan than the average American since I played a bit in junior high school. I was actually on the school soccer team even though I don't know how to play that well. Anyway, I'm very disappointed in the officiating; combined with the irritating drone of the vuvuzelas, it's ruining the experience. I expect to see Argentina and Brazil in the finals. If that happens, I'll probably watch the game but not much until then.

I don't understand why FIFA doesn't institute instant replay for goals. There has been several goals that were ruled incorrectly (both ways). Since soccer is such a low scoring game (except for Portugal vs. North Korea), scoring the first goal totally changes the game flow and strategy. Both games today were affected by bad officiating. England had a clear goal taken away, and Argentina was allowed a goal even though they were way offside. The final margin of victory was greater than the errors but it's hard to quantify whether they affected the outcome of the game in other ways.

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hogsman said...

i seriously believe that fifa doesn't want to institute replay because bribes, threats, and all sorts of foul play go on behind the scenes at the world cup. fifa officials and referees probably exercise a lot of influence (read: favors for pay) that they would miss out on if scoring were subject to replay.