Saturday, June 12, 2010

K-pop Female Idol Tractor Driver

Goo Hara of KARA is one of the girls from Invincible Youth. She came to LA to perform at the 2010 KMF in May. On an earlier episode of IY, she won the farm equipment driving contest and said that she would take the driving test for farm equipment. In Korea, you have to be 20 to get a driver's license; Hara took the tests and got both driving licenses.

At about 20 seconds into the video, there's a segment where she drives a tractor. They also showed that she went by herself and practiced tractor driving before the test. Heh, if the singing and dancing gig doesn't work out (KARA is pretty popular in Korea though), she can always work on a farm. :)

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Anonymous said...

how can you post a Goo Hara video and she is wearing sweats? :(

i know it looks pretty cold and she is driving a tractor; but you think she could at least put on a miniskirt...