Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free WiFi at SNA

Woohoo! Free Internet connection at John Wayne Airport. Using and connecting at 54 Mbps, I got a download speed of ~2 Mbps (connection from SBC). Not too fast but can't complain if it's free.

I do have one complaint though. To "pay" for the connection, JWA inserts a banner with ads in my browser window. Normally that's not a big deal but my netbook only has a 1024x600 screen so this eats up more valuable screen space. I wonder what happens when you connect with an iPhone or iPad.


BTW, I got frisked when going through security earlier. I think the guy was being trained or something since there were two other people watching him and he seemed very hesitant. Having gone through airport security countless times, I had nothing on me so it was all good. The girl behind me was weird though. She was dressed like a flight attendant but forgot to show her ID (she just walked up to the metal detector) so she got yelled at by the TSA guy. Then she didn't take her computer out of the bag and got flagged again. Maybe she's new too.

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