Monday, June 21, 2010


Boy, I'm such a nerd. I just watched a 45+ minute video on YouTube. It was lecture 2 of MIT 3.091 - Introduction to Solid State Chemistry. The lecturer was pretty good. I think it's the equivalent of Chemistry 11A at UCLA, which I took 24 years ago. I actually took Chemistry 11AH, the "honors" version. There were fewer people in the class so the grading curve was harder... for the next class, I chickened out and took regular Chemistry 11B (no "H") with hundreds of other people.

Undergrad was a blur for me. I ended up with a 3.35 GPA in Electrical Engineering at UCLA but I really can't tell you what I learned. However, watching the video, everything seems kinda familiar. Granted it's basic chemistry but it seems so easy the 2nd time around, even if it's a lecture at MIT. I should go watch some material science lectures (I took one class, MSE 14, at UCLA)... I'm usually pretty clueless during PMI meetings when they start talking about crystalline structure and compounds.

MIT OpenCourseWare website

Ooh, lots and lots of Material Science courses.


There are a lot of interesting courses listed under management from Sloan (MBA school at MIT) but no videos are uploaded to iTunesU or YouTube yet. :(

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