Friday, June 25, 2010

YouTube Tag Suggestions

To avoid having my account suspended, I usually don't label the KBS World shows I upload nor allow comments. I'm not even sure this works but it seems to be the advice found on YouTube. In addition, YouTube checks all audio/video against a digital fingerprint database. Last night, I uploaded episode 148 of Happy Together, a Korean variety show, and YouTube suggested the following tags (so people can search for videos more easily).
+boy band
+asian drama
+combat sports
+female vocalist
+dance contest
+talk show
+pop music
+television show
+soap opera
+asian pop
+asian pop music
+korean pop
+martial arts
+asian television
+korean music
+television series
+african american

I didn't put in any tags obviously and none of the videos in this account has any tags. Hmm, how did they come up with this list of tags? The only data comes from the uploaded video so there must be more content matching/analysis going on in the background.

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