Saturday, January 9, 2010

Real-time YouTube Account Suspension

I blogged about YouTube account suspensions when you get three copyright infringement claims before. This morning, I got to see it live (kind of). I was watching episode 77 of Family Outing and since YouTube only allows 10 minute uploads, the entire show was divided into 10 parts. I got through the first 7 parts and Firefox crashed. When I restarted Firefox, I found the account/channel that I was watching was suspended. :(

I don't quite understand the aggressive response by SBS. Unlike KBS World, they don't provide subtitled versions of their shows. Without subtitles, non-Koreans can't really watch the show since there is so much dialogue. Why cut off fans of the show if you're not going to meet the demand nor generate any revenue streams from it? Now I have to go directly to the subbing team's forum and download the subtitled shows directly.

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