Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Outing

I'm a big fan of Korean variety shows. The only problem is that I have to wait for subtitles, usually fansubs, before I can watch the shows. I'm subscribed to 40+ channels on YouTube just so I can locate subtitled videos of the shows I like.

Korean (and other Asian) variety shows are kind of like reality shows here in the US except that the guests are celebrities, either singers or movie/drama stars. Also, the celebrities that come on these shows are pretty famous, unlike "celebrity" episodes of US reality shows that usually feature B-list guests. Anyway, the show that got me hooked was X-man on SBS (Korean website). The original show ran for 155 episodes over three years and though scripted, it was really funny. It also introduced me to a lot of K-pop artists since they were often guests on the show. There was another show I watched called Love Letter also on SBS that was very similar to X-man. Both shows are no longer on the air but you can find a lot of episodes on YouTube.

Currently, I'm watching several shows on a regular basis:
- 1 Night 2 Days (KBS)
- Family Outing (SBS)
- Star Golden Bell (KBS)
- Invincible Youth (KBS)
- Strong Heart (SBS)

The last two shows are kind of new so there's not much English info on them yet. I spend this past weekend watching old episodes of Family Outing. Basically a bunch of celebrities and one (or two) guests visit a family in a rural village while the family goes on vacation. They usually have a list of chores to do, make dinner, play games, spend the night, and eat breakfast. Each weekend is shown over two weeks on TV.

Here's part 1 of the first episode with Yoona of SNSD as guest

Soshified subtitles


Part 1 of Star Golden Bell Idol Special Episode

Official KBS World subtitles

Part 1 of the first episode of Strong Heart

strongheartsubs subtitles

Part 1 of the first episode of Invincible Youth

ssfsubsG7 subtitles

Invincible Youth is also called G7 since it has 7 celebrities from girl bands:
- SNSD: Sunny and Yuri
- KARA: Hara
- Brown Eyed Girls: Narsha
- T-ara: Hyomin
- 4Minute: Hyuna
- Secret: Sunhwa
- plus Kim Tae Woo (guy) from g.o.d.

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