Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Outing Live

From KPOP JJANG 짱 (jjang - "the best"), I found a program called TvAnts. It's basically a TV streaming app and like many others, it's from China. However, this one has a lot of Korean TV stations and the stream is pretty live. I connected to the "official" KBS streaming site and TvAnts is only a few seconds behind. I also use TVU to stream TV stations from China. I was talking to my friend in Chengdu and the stream for Hunan TV was only 15 seconds behind her cable TV signal. Technology is amazing.

Anyway, I'm tuned in to TJB SBS (not sure what the TJB means) on TvAnts, which means I have no idea what they're saying. It's 6:40pm on Sunday 12/27 in Seoul and SBS is showing a Family Outing special composed of mainly cuts from old shows. I think MC Yoo is going to leave the show since he'e going to have a baby. The show will most likely be canceled next year as their ratings have be dropping recently.

Hehe, watching streaming TV means I get to see Korean TV commercials too. There seems to be a lot more during each break compared to the US. I think this is at least the 20th+ commercial in a row... it's an ad for the Nintendo Wii.

Uh-oh, Family Outing is over. Now it's "Miss Gold is Coming" which is part 2 of Good Sunday on SBS. I've never watched this show before but I heard it a realty show with six middle-aged female celebrities. They compete each week for a chance to go on a date and find a husband.


Anonymous said...

435 channels on digital cable and you have nothing to watch except streaming Korean programs over the net. no wonder the networks are getting more and more desperate.

totochi said...

I don't have cable... or I don't have real cable. What I have is only ~15 station that appeared when I ordered cable modem service.

My parents have ~300+ channels on cable in their apartment. There's usually nothing good to watch there either.