Sunday, December 6, 2009

Small (Accounting) World

After this month's accounting close review meeting, I was walking around to visit people in building 2. Next to Jessica's office, there was an Internal Audit contractor. I walked by, glanced at the name, and though it was a bit familiar. I poked my head back into the office and asked whether the person used to work at Ingram Micro. It turned out that she did and quit Ingram about the same time I did. Her name is Debbie Kaucher and she was an accountant at Ingram but has been a consultant for the past 9 years. I didn't know her that well but we knew a lot of people in common. Small world.

Speaking of work, my direct supervisor is switching jobs. He's trying to keep his old responsibilities but I'm not sure if he will be successful in doing so. There 0% chance that they will let me replace him so I may get a new manager. I've known him ever since I started 10 years ago so we have a good working relationship. Hopefully this transition will work out well and I won't get stuck with a bad manager.

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hogsman said...

That's funny -- I was wondering what Debbie was doing these days. Please tell her I said "hello" the next time you see her.