Monday, December 7, 2009

YouTube Account Suspension

Oh well, one of my favorite sources for K-pop music videos and performances on YouTube was just suspended. I think she created 5 (or more) accounts and almost all of them have been suspended; there's only one left and it probably won't last either. That's too bad since she just started uploading videos in 1080p. I wish the "official" accounts would put up better quality videos.


Heh, I just checked and three videos in my YouTube account were taken down due to Avex Entertainment. I went through a lot of trouble to rip these MVs from a region 3 DVD. I'm not even sure how I did it now.

Gentle Words by Koda Kumi
COME WITH ME by Koda Kumi
Selfish by Koda Kumi

For some reason, this one is okay. Maybe they have an agreement with Avex or something.

I heard you get three strikes before your account is suspended in YouTube. My first strike was an A-mei video from a DVD I bought in Taiwan. The Koda Kumi videos were strike two. Let's hope no one finds the "illegal" Cheer Chen uploads.

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