Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bypassing YouTube

Since I have two strikes on my YouTube account for TOS violation, and one of them from Avex, I'm going to try and upload this directly to Blogger. The quality is not as good since they limit you to 100MB. It's hard to encode videos to that size without sacrificing quality. I think YouTube allows uploads up to 2GB but only 10 minutes in length.

Here is another MV from miray. I'm not sure where I got this from; there are only snippets of the full MV on YouTube. Right now my music/performance video folder is ~170GB and contain ~2000 files, some dating back to 2002.

激情 - miray

I don't know if the MV has anything to do with the song lyrics. The song title (激情) means "passion" in Japanese. Maybe the song is about these girls that break into a bar/nightclub, steal a bottle of champagne, and dance around nekked half-naked.

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