Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Is Communism?

I think Andy Lau (in the video) says it best: there is no system in China. Ultimately it's about power. Mao and CCP took power in the late 1940's not by rhetoric but through violence. Of course, this is not unique to China or CCP; violence and war is a common theme in human history. Communism was just a tool for grabbing and keeping power. Once they had control, the CCP turned to their main focus of wealth accumulation. People in China today don't join the party for ideological reasons; they join and pay for government positions to make money. However, they need to keep all the political controls in place to protect their power and wealth and that's what you have in China today: a "system" built on corruption where the politically powerful and financially wealthy are the same people. It seems hypocritical but not really... since no one in power believes that Communist/Marxist/Maoist crap anyway.

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