Sunday, December 6, 2009

YouTube 1080p

Since I don't subscribe to any Asian pay channels, the only way to get TV shows from Asia is either from someone's uploads or through YouTube. For K-pop videos, I'm a bit picky so I usually only download HD files which are 720p (1280x720). These files play fine on my Mac mini (Intel GMA 950) but my Sony Vaio (Intel Mobile 965 Express) has problems with them and can only play them at ~25 fps.

Starting last month, people can upload 1080p videos to YouTube. I just downloaded a performance by Lena Park using Safari and the MP4 file was 108MB for the 4:07 video. I tried playing it with QuickTime on my Vaio and it could only manage ~9 fps. Even on my Mac, the video only plays at ~25 fps. I love the super high 1900x1080 resolution but all my computers are too slow to play the file.

Sigh... maybe the newer Macs have better video performance. I should bring the MP4 files in to an Apple Store and try it. I should also try playing the file on my Dell 17" notebook that I gave to my dad. Most of my other computers use the embedded Intel video chip but I remember upgrading the Dell to a faster ATI or Nvidia chipset. Let see if that was worth the extra money.


Nope. The Dell 1705 has an ATI 1400 video chip and it managed only ~20 fps. The new Dell Inspiron 15 I just bought for my mom with Windows 7 played the file at ~22 fps. My old Mac mini is still the winner. Maybe I should try it on the PS3... once I get the stupid DLNA thing to work.

I wonder where the source file is from? Do TV stations in Korea broadcast in 1080p?!

Dang, another suspended account/video. It's okay, here's another 1080p video... TRON! I'm old enough to have seen the original in the theater.

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