Monday, January 4, 2010

Chinese Food Videos

The stuff you find on YouTube. This appears to be a TV show that showcases food places in Taipei. It's pretty cool though the host's Taiwanese Mandarin (台灣國語) is a bit irritating.

Last time I went to Taiwan, my parents and I went to the same street (桃源街) where there are a lot of beef noodle (牛肉麵) shops; the street is right next to the Presidential Palace. They said in the video that this shop is hard to find because it doesn't have any signs. I found it on Google Maps and it really doesn't have any signage. I don't think we went to this one but the noodles looked similar. Each bowl is only NT$150 or ~US$5... more expensive than in Chengdu.

永富福州魚丸... fish balls! I love fish balls!

The video title says 墨西哥捲 or Mexican roll which I assume are burritos, though they don't look right. She also says there's tomato sauce/ketchup... maybe they can't get real salsa/picante sauce in Taiwan. The food stall is at the Shilin Night Market in Taipei. Bonus - black dudes speaking Mandarin at ~1:32 in the video.

There's actually not much to see as tourists in Taiwan; There are definitely a lot more cultural and scenic places to see in China. The night market and street food however, is awesome and much better than what I found in China. Furthermore, I can complain about the local government, check Facebook, and blog about stuff while I'm eating in Taiwan... try that in China.

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