Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Appliances

I went to the new house today and saw the new appliances my parents bought. We needed to buy a fridge and washer/dryer. Since the kitchen isn't that large, my mom wanted a counter depth fridge so it wouldn't stick out into the kitchen too much. Originally she wanted a french door design but one that is counter depth and has decent interior size is ~$3000. We also bought a match pair of front loading washer/dryer.

My parents looked around for a long time and settled with Korean brands. The fridge is a side-by-side two door by Samsung and the washer/dryer are made by LG. I think everything was actually made in Korea instead of China. The fridge is very nice and quite large inside. All together, the three items were ~$4000 list. My parents got each piece on sale but it was still >$3000. The appliances are really nice though. The Samsung fridge is quite large inside; I think it was expensive because they had to make the walls thin yet still effective insulators so the counter depth fridge wouldn't be too small on interior volume. The LG washer/dryer each has an on/off button and looks like they're booting up when you turn them on. I usually don't read the manual for electronic stuff like stereos and computers but I found myself reading the Samsung fridge manual. I'm going to read the washer/dryer manual before I wash clothes in it for the first time.

It used to be that the best stuff was made by Sony. I still like the brand and use their rewards credit card but the Koreans are taking over. Along with the new appliances, I have a Samsung cell phone. We have two LCD TV's in the house, one by Vizio and the other by Sharp. If I get another one, it will probably be a Samsung or LG TV. Hey, if I stream live Korean TV, it feels like I'm in Korea... ok, maybe not. :)

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