Monday, January 11, 2010

Zhao Ziyang's Memoirs

Out of the blue, Leon asked me if I have Zhao Ziyang's book. I bought the book from awhile ago and I read about two-thirds of it. However, Leon was in China and he wanted the Chinese version which is banned in China, probably because he talks about Tiananmen and other sensitive topics. Luckily, I downloaded a scanned PDF of the Chinese version awhile ago; it was published in Hong Kong. The quality is not too great but it's legible and electronic. The PDF file is too big to email at ~38MB so I put it on Megaupload. Here's the link if anyone is interested.

Just be careful who you give the file to in China. The CCP will probably throw you in jail or deport you for subversion, revealing state secrets, or being a counter-revolutionary!


Hmm, these seems to be different books. The Chinese PDF appears to be "Captive Conversations" published in Hong Kong based on Zhao's conversations with Zong Fengming, a friend and a former party official. The English book, Prisoner of the State, is based on Zhao's audio diary of 30 tapes that were smuggled out of China and translated to English. Not sure if there is a Chinese version of the book.

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