Monday, January 4, 2010

After School

Look, another K-pop girl group. This group, After School, debuted about a year ago. They started with 5 people, added a new member, had one quit, then added two more recently for 7 total. Confused?

Because of You - After School

They recently won the weekly #1 on a couple of Korean music shows with this song. I think they're underrated when compared to some of the other more popular K-pop girl groups. Each of these groups has a "leader", usually the oldest member of the group. After School's group leader, Park Kahi, is 28 years old. That's a few years older than the rest of the group and most of the other girl groups members.

Here's a video of Park Kahi playing piano, singing, and dancing.

A live performance of Diva, a single from six months ago. Park Kahi is the one rapping/singing solo starting 0:47... the one with the abs.

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