Monday, April 23, 2012

What Is There in the Darkroom?

I saw this YouTube video while flipping through Flipboard on my iPad:

The idea is to use your DSLR in manual mode, set the aperture at f/5.6, and take a series of four 1 second exposure shots of the "static" on your screen.

Here is my result:

The results are not as good as shown in the related YouTube video where they "reveal" the hidden images. I played the original video on a 21" Acer LCD display; maybe it's better on an old CRT. Still... it's pretty cool.

I also found this website today about HDR photography. There are some pretty stunning photos but all post-processed using the magic of Photoshop. I read through the tutorials and I want to try out some of the techniques, even though my Sony a55 only takes 3 shots (some cameras take 9 shots) when using the auto exposure brackets. However, it does have an Auto-HDR feature which uses the camera to combine the 3 exposures into one and avoids Photoshop altogether.

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