Friday, April 27, 2012

Tablo and Psychotic Netizens

I saw a link to this article on a friend's Facebook page. It recounts the story about crazy Koreans cyberstalking Daniel Lee, aka Tablo from Epik High. Just last week I watched a recent episode of Strong Heart on YouTube and Tablo referred to this dark period of his life, though I didn't know the full back story until I read the article.

But then, at the height of the group’s fame, the comments sections of articles about Epik High started filling up with anonymous messages accusing Lee of lying about his Stanford diploma. In May 2010 an antifan club formed and quickly attracted tens of thousands of members who accused him of stealing someone’s identity, dodging the draft, and faking passports, diplomas, and transcripts. The accusations were accompanied by supposed evidence supplied by the online masses, who also produced slick YouTube attack videos. It was a full-fledged backlash.

By that summer, Lee’s alleged fraud had become one of Korea’s top news items. Death threats streamed in, and Lee found himself accosted by angry people on the street. Since his face was so recognizable, he became a virtual prisoner in his Seoul apartment. In a matter of weeks, he went from being one of the most beloved figures in the country to one of the most reviled.

Crazy sh*t. I'm not a big hip-hop fan but I like Epik High and Tablo; I actually bought their Epilogue album on iTunes. I think I have a soft spot for Westernized Asians going back to their home country to try and make a living (e.g., Tiffany and Jessica from SNSD, Nicole from KARA, etc). After traveling through China with Leon as PMI's acting CFO, I can relate the the challenges of looking like a local but not really understanding what's going on 100%.

Anyway, after reading the article, I blame the asshole cousin. Even though he insists he is not jealous, his comments show that he is totally narcissistic, and bitter that his younger cousin is more successful. Whatever happened to "blood is thicker than water?" Your family is supposed to stick by you... but I guess since they know you so well, when your family turns on you, it's many times worse then coming from a stranger. Tablo fans should "human flesh search" (Chinese Netizen term) his cousin, Seungmin Cho... just kidding.

Run (from Epilogue) - Epik High


Commentary from Fever's End, Tablo's solo album released after the events in the Wired article

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Anonymous said...

depends on the family.

some families stick together. for me, it is sad to see the corleones or sopranos stick together on screen even while they are killing other people.