Thursday, April 12, 2012

Telephone Spam

I've gotten 4 calls this morning from telemarketers. Since I forward my personal cell to my work cell during weekdays, I'm not sure which number they called. I try to be a courteous person, saying "excuse me" and "thank you" often. However, I've decided that I would simply hang up the next time I get a spam call.

BTW, these are the numbers for just this morning:
9:32am 425-658-8994
12:17pm 916-596-6160
12:24pm 425-390-8126
12:29pm 310-253-6363


3:41pm 616-971-0252


Ugh, another one this morning (Monday) at 7:30am from the first number above. I've added all these phone numbers to a contact labelled Spam; next is to change to ringtone so I can ignore it.

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