Monday, April 16, 2012

Reuters Photo and Caption

This was the photo on a NY Post story about the Secret Service sex scandal:

The caption read:
Prostitutes walk a street of Cartagena, Colombia, as heads of state meet in the city for the Americas Summit. Headlines from this weekend's gathering have focused on an embarrassing scandal involving prostitutes and members of President Obama's security detail.

I didn't read the story yet but the first random thought that came to mind was, "Did they ask the women if they were prostitutes?" If not, how would they know? Do they look like prostitutes? It would suck if the women were just on a night out and got mislabeled as hookers by some photojournalists.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i saw some of the same pictures and wondered the same thing. definitely a lot of short skirts over there. after Modern Family, i'm just biased that the women from columbia are smoking hot.

Anonymous said...

by the way, this story may not have even come to light had the agent just paid up. for company, you are paying them to leave not just to come over.

looks like some hotels are required to have guests register guests with the front desk. in china, you aren't supposed to have any guests but some hotels enforce the rules and some don't.