Friday, April 27, 2012

Ferrari? No, I Drive A Porsche

The ugly one no less...

The son of a disgraced Chinese leader Bo Xilai received three traffic tickets while driving a Porsche in the United States, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Bo Guagua, son of the ousted Communist Party chief at the center of a widening corruption scandal, had earlier this week sought to downplay his allegedly lavish lifestyle as a student at Harvard University.
The 24-year-old notably denied reports that he drove a Ferrari.

But the Journal, citing police records, said he was driving a black Porsche when he was cited for allegedly running stop signs in December 2010 and May 2011 -- once at 2:20 am -- and for speeding in February 2011.

The newspaper identified the car as a 2011 Porsche Panamera registered to someone at his address in Cambridge, Massachusetts, saying the car sells for around $80,000.

Aww, did mommy's law firm money buy him the Porsche too? Looks like he thinks he has military plates on his Porsche. Three tickets in six months... how many points does it take to have your license suspended in Massachusetts anyway?

This brings up another random thought about justice in China:

- Chen Guangchen: become a lawyer; defend peasants from forced abortion and sterilization; gets arrested, tortured, and put in indefinite house arrest surrounded by thugs; six-year old daughter forced to stay home and watch parents being beaten

- Gu Kailai: become a lawyer; use princeling status and husband's guanxi to amass corrupt fortune; live a life of privilege and luxury while husband arrests, tortures, and executes business and political rivals; sends son to expensive private schools in UK and US, along with expensive condos and sports cars

Embarrassing. Makes me want to tell people I'm Taiwanese instead of Chinese... almost.


Anonymous said...

ok Mr. Taiwan

Chen Shui-bian:
become a lawyer; establish a new party; get arrested in a one party state, become Mayor, become president, get greedy and launder $31million USD overseas, fake assination attempt; break long-standing tradition of presidents in Taiwan to get caught for corruption; do time.

did you see the latest news about Chen Guangchen? he escaped. so much for chinese internal security apparatus. let a blind guy escape under your watch.

totochi said...

I said almost... those Taiwan Independence people won't accept me anyway since neither one of my parents are "Taiwanese" by their definition.

Awesome news about Chen Guangchen. There are rumors that he may be in the American Embassy in Beijing. That would be weird. I also read that his brother and nephew were arrested and may risk execution because the government thinks they help CGC escape. Are they admitting that they've locked him up for the past 2 years? How can you help someone escape that wasn't officially under house arrest anyway? What a bullsh*t country.