Monday, April 30, 2012

KMF 10 Summary

I just got home from KMF 10 after carpooling back to work then dropping my friend off at his house. Even though I went with more people this year, it wasn't as good as KMF 7 nor KMF8. I had thought that since this was the 10th KMF concert, they would plan ahead and book more performers. I'm a huge fan of Lena Park and Brown Eyed Girls so at least I got to see them live.

My seat this year was not as good as before so photos suck a bit; I should have waited until the final week to buy tickets as lots of people were disappointed in the lineup and offered up much better seats at the same price that I paid ($70 for section F1). I also haven't figured out how to shoot at night with my new DSLR and the girl in front of me waving "thunder sticks" (what dumbass decided to hand those things out at a concert) kept messing up the camera's auto-focus. :(

Leon and I met a couple of friends at my work and we carpooled together. The first thing we saw was a MBLAQ fan group group photo. We would end up hearing them (and thousands of teenage girls) screaming & yelling all night.

Banner near security checkpoint. I'm not sure how effective they were but an old white guy checked my backpack twice (it only contained a jacket and my DSLR camera). Leon was carrying all the food.

Hollywood Bowl before the concert. We got there around 5pm and had time to eat almost all the food I bought from Mituswa and SMart (Korean market in Torrance).

Kim Tae Woo singing the Korean national anthem. The kids in the back sang Star Bangled Banner right before him.

MCs for the concert: Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls and Son Ho Young from G.O.D. He was the MC at KMF 7 as well. My Korean friend Sunny said he was a terrible MC... kept saying the most stupid things and repeating himself over-and-over.

The first performer was a group called Arirang. It turned out they're from China and all their songs were in Chinese, but I couldn't understand what they were singing anyway.

The ubiquitous and irritating "thunder sticks" that everyone had. I thought those were only used to distract visiting teams from making free throws.

Lee Yong. Sunny knew some of his songs from the 80's while she was in middle/high school. He said that he's been performing for 31 years and this was the largest audience and the loudest welcome. He was okay.

Woohoo! Lena Park! After MBLAQ and Brown Eyed Girls, I think she was the next most popular performer. I know her younger sister from church. She was going to try to take us to see Lena after the concert but she got sick and never made it to Hollywood Bowl. :(

Vincent - Lena Park

Bobby Kim. He did a couple of solo songs then brought a couple more guys + backup dancers on stage. I think together they're called Buga Kingz. I really hate it when people use "z" in place of "s" to seem cool or something.

Every KMF I've been to has a live band performance and this year it was Love & Peace. Once again, Sunny said she's heard of their songs before. The lead singer was an old guy... they were also just OK, though their lead guitarist was pretty good.


After intermission, the first performer was Kim Kyung Ho. He was definitely a heavy rocker, very different from all the other performers. During his songs, he would swing his head around with hair flying everywhere... it was pretty cool!

The main event... for me anyway... Brown Eyed Girls! They did two songs from their newest album Sixth Sense. Miryo spoke a lot of English and they finished with Abracadabra (of course!).

Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls

Narsha... pretty

Next up was an old guy, Nam Jin. Sunny said this was for the grandpas in the audience. Didn't like his songs... they did sound a lot like old Chinese songs though.

Light sticks. Red ones were from Verizon.

MBLAQ. I don't know any of their songs but they were sure popular with the teenage girls, who seemed to be screaming during their entire set. I don't get it. Are you there to hear/see them perform? One of the members, Lee Joon, was on Season 2 of Star Golden Bell... the rest I don't know too well.

The final performers were members of G.O.D. First up was Kim Tae Woo.

Love Rain - Kim Tae Woo

Followed by Son Ho Young. It seems like he performs at KMF almost every year. His profile says he was born in New Jersey... his English was pretty bad though.

All 4 members of G.O.D.

Sigh... once again, I was not too impressed with the lineup, except for Lena Park and Brown Eyed Girls. I think I'm also still upset that I missed seeing Sistar last year. It's going to take a lot of girl groups to get me to go next year. :)

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