Saturday, April 7, 2012

KMF10 Tickets

I bought 4 tickets today from the Korea Times website. They only charged $10 fee for the entire order... much cheaper than Ticketmaster. Since I'm going with Sunny & Steve + one more guest, I didn't want to risk waiting until the very last day to see if I can get Terrace tickets cheap. Our seats are in section F1 which is probably near the middle of Hollywood Bowl.

Per the official website, these are performers that I recognize:

- G.O.D.
- Brown Eyed Girls
- Bobby Kim
- and of course, Lena Park

Judging from the lineup last three years, I think (hopefully) they will add one or two more girl groups and maybe one boy band. Although Ailee just debuted in Korea, it would be awesome to have the Jersey girl perform at KMF10.


Anonymous said...

your anonymous poster = "one more guest"

i guess i may get ditched.

totochi said...