Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bathroom Break

Since we have a fairly strict sign-in policy at work, there is a unisex bathroom behind the receptionist in our main lobby (in case you need to go but don't want to sign in). My sister was visiting me on Tuesday afternoon and need to use the bathroom. The receptionist told her to wait since there was someone else in there already. We waited for about 2 minutes and an old white guy walked out. There was about six people waiting for him in the lobby and he was giving orders to everyone; I got the impression that he was used to giving orders to a lot of people.

Anyway, I had to drop my sister off somewhere right after and we noticed that the old white guy had a CHP escort in front and a black Secret Service looking SUV following his car (another large SUV). We thought he was probably a VIP but couldn't recognize him. I followed his caravan out of our office and I think they took the 105 West on-ramp, probably to LAX.

I asked my boss today and it turned out that the old white guy was Harry Reid, US Senate Majority Leader. When he came out of the bathroom, he mentioned to someone (his staffer?) that the faucet was cool. I hope he wasn't commenting on the motion sensors because that's not rocket science. I was also told that Diane Feinstein was here earlier in the day... not sure if she was impressed by the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

OWG "old white guy"

i'm not sure that is the politically correct term these days.

try "stem-cell and pigment deficient human with XY chromosomes"

hope the cold water didn't cost any lost funding.


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