Monday, April 9, 2012

China: 112th out of 156

China is the 112th happiest country on earth, out of 156. This is according to the World Happiness Report (PDF), published by Columbia University for a UN Conference. For comparison, Denmark is #1, Canada is #5, USA is #11, and Taiwan is ~#47. Now, regardless of whether you believe the methodology of measuring happiness, this is news. When Pew published its report in 2008 claiming that 86% of Chinese people were "Satisfied with country direction" (#1 out of 24 countries polled BTW), it was trumpeted by the CCP and their apologists as proof that Communism was superior to democracy. Nevermind that Pew only polled urban dwellers in a few cities.

Anyway, now when a report shows China is not Disneyland, it is banned.
The United Nation’s recently-released World Happiness Report has listed mainland China as the 112th happiest country out of 156. Many websites re-posted the report which was initially released by

From the State Council Information Office:
Regarding “UN Releasing World Happiness Report, China Ranked 112,” all websites are not to re-post the report. All existing posts are subject to removal.

国新办:联合国首发全球幸福指数报告 中国内地排112
国新办:《联合国首发全球幸福指数报告 中国内地排112》网站不转载此条新闻,已转载的删除。

This is the modus operandi of CCP propaganda. Instead of more speech to promote their POV, they simply censure and ban articles/news that show China in an unfavorable light. Sure, no government likes to highlight its own problems but in the US, freedom of press pretty much guarantees that all points of view are out there, from MSNBC to Fox News.


Anonymous said...

having spent a good deal of time in both countries; i can objectively say that i am happier in china than in the US.

of course in the US, i'm married with several children (to keep plausible deniability) and that could skew my happiness index in the US.

totochi said...

Do I know you, stranger?

Anonymous said...

one of your 2 readers. the one that may get ditched at the KMF.