Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Truck License

I always wondered how much it costs to run a food truck. We have several trucks visit us at lunch, usually one "gourmet" truck and one generic truck; sometimes we get some taco only trucks too.

Anyway, I saw the DMV license stuck on the back of one truck yesterday (Shrimp Pimp). The license was good for a month (March 26 to April 26) and costs $932. That seems kind of steep but California is broke.


Frank Smith said...

I bet one can get a good license deal that doesn't put too much on a damper on money plans. Trucking is still a lucrative transport, with freight accounting for increasing consumptive patterns. Anyways, this needn't be a worry, with services that will deal with that, as well as the proper permits to go cross-country.

Frank @ C2C Services

patrick walker said...

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