Thursday, March 31, 2011


The #1 reason I don't like Obama is not wealth redistribution, even though my tax guy just said I have to pay $14k in federal taxes. My dislike has to do with hypocrisy. By now it's pretty evident that he's just another politician, willing to say anything during campaigns to get elected. Of course, this is true for most politicians but Obama's entire message was that he was different... Mr. Hope'n'Change. IOW, not only did he lie to us in 2008, his main selling point was that he would NOT lie to us. Frigging hypocrite.

Los Angeles Times
As President Obama prepares to kick off his reelection campaign, two former key White House aides are likely to launch an independent political group in support of his bid, a direct response to the pent-up demand among Democrats for a vehicle to challenge the Republican network of well-funded allies.

The independent expenditure effort is being contemplated by Bill Burton, the former deputy press secretary, and Sean Sweeney, who served as the senior aide to former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Both left the White House this year. The organization is still in the planning stages, according to people familiar with the discussions, but is already being viewed by top Democratic fundraisers as the most promising effort to counter the independent political organizations that helped secure GOP victories in the 2010 midterm election.

The formation of such a group would mark a dramatic reversal from 2008, when Obama criticized the role of outside interests in the election.
His campaign effectively shut down most independent political campaigns by urging top donors not to finance such programs.

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