Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sigh... there's an article in the WSJ about a run on salt in China because people think eating iodized salt will protect them from radiation poisoning from the busted Japanese nuclear reactors. From what I read, there is no scientific/medical basis for this; potassium iodide pills is only useful when you're in a high radiation zone. The communist government is telling people not to run out and buy salt but no one is listening anyway.

The best line in the entire story:
Standing next to Ms. Liu was a crowd of others who were also looking to buy salt. “It’s always safe to do what the majority are doing,” said Michael Zeng, a 21-year-old college student in Beijing.

Arg! College student... does the Chinese education system teach any critical thinking skills at all?!


I spoke to Sindy about the salt crisis and she thought it was silly too. She went to the market to get other stuff and they were all out of salt. Since Sindy works with doctors and hospitals, people have been asking her for iodine pills as well. Crazy.

It's getting better though. She said people now want to return their 500g bags of salt. Her mom went for a walk after dinner yesterday and came back with two bags of salt; a neighbor bought too much salt and is now giving them away. :)

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hogsman said...

i don't think the chinese education system WANTS to teach critical thinking skills...that would be like allowing completely-open internet access.