Friday, March 25, 2011

CX Business Class

For international business trips (over 8 hours I think), our company travel policy allows us to fly business class. Since we're flying Cathay Pacific to Singapore, I wanted to extend my layover on the way back in Hong Kong for a few days so I can visit Beijing. I called travel and they arranged it for me but I had to pay the difference in air fares. In addition, since the company isn't paying for the entire ticket, I had to pay for it on my personal credit card first then get reimbursed for the original fare.

Well, they issued the ticket today and the total fare was ~$6200. My portion of the cost comes out to be $127. I did find some free tickets on Dragonair that I can pay for using my Asia Miles (30,000 miles) but I have to pay ~$75 in taxes. Including hotel, this side trip to Beijing is going to cost me ~$500. I guess it's worth it since I'll be in business class for the Transpacific portions of the flight. Unlike Leon, I don't usually travel in business class.

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