Monday, March 14, 2011

Chinese Are Worth More

Dang it. I just decided this morning to stop posting about China... but then I read this.

BBC News
The Chinese embassy in New Zealand has requested that extra compensation be paid to parents of Chinese students lost in the Christchurch earthquake.

An embassy official, Cheng Lee, said China's one-child policy made those lost lives more valuable.


Both the Chinese ambassador Xu Jianguo and embassy officials were reported by Radio New Zealand to have asked for higher compensation payments because the one-child policy made China unique.

"You can expect how lonely, how desperate they are, not only losing loved ones, but losing almost entirely their source of economic assistance after retirement," embassy official Cheng Lee said.

Higher payments would be "a demonstration of the importance the New Zealand government attaches to the Chinese international" students, he added.

Well, whose fault is it that they "chose" to only have one child and have all their eggs in one basket? Wait... it was the Chinese communist government. New Zealand didn't force Chinese couples to only have one child but rather the CCP with political threats and forced abortions/sterilization. Why should other governments value the Chinese people more when the CCP doesn't care about its own people?

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